Cinema Control Panel for 5D movie theater

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The development of cinema Control Panel programm for 5D cinema
The development of cinema Control Panel programm for 5D cinema

By order of the animatronics supplying company we developed the CinemaControlPanel program for a 5D movie theater system. It allows controlling reproduction of movies, special effects and platform movement in a cinema hall. The software was implemented using cross-platform library Qt 4.7 and DirectShow technology.

Cinema Control Panel key characteristics for 5D movie theater

  • Control / User interface
    • Understandable interface — running the program without studying documentation
    • Control: touch screen or computer mouse
    • Selection of movies from a convenient list with posters and detailed description
    • Display of the current time of 5D movie reproduction
    • Russian and English interface support
  • Video / Audio operation
    • Video output from a cinema hall camera to an external monitor of a 5D movie theater
    • DVD video recording capability from a camera in a cinema hall
    • Support of an external monitor for installation near a 5D movie theater
    • Transmission of MP3 files in a cinema hall — for a greeting or advertisements
    • Output of commercials, posters and trailers to an external monitor of a 5D movie theater — for customer acquisition
  • Video licensing / Security assurance
    • Authorization of an operator and an administrator using a password
    • Automatic and manual diagnostics system blocks movie launch when detecting failures of a 5D movie theater platform
    • Emergency stop capability of the movie being played
    • License control system of equipment and 5D movie theater movies
    • Maintenance of viewership statistics — daily SMS-message sending from a 5D movie theater with an indication of viewership


Project results

In the process of developing Cinema Control Panel program for a 5D movie theater Promwad experts accomplished the following tasks:

— Hardware platform development
— Software development
— Production of device prototypes


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