Tellus smartstation

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We have designed and prepared for mass production Tellus, a smartstation. The customer of the project is Emzior Technologies, a Russian manufacturer of equipment for telecom.


The product’s enclosure design was based on the customer’s requirements stated in the technical design assignment (TDA):

  • Enclosure material: plastic
  • LED indication for the interfaces and the connected user devices
  • Antennas of wireless interfaces are placed inside the body
  • Enclosure dimensions: 200х150х35mm (±10%). Weight: 300 grams (±10%)
  • The enclosure is fitted with vents (no forced cooling)
  • The front side features two programmable buttons with LED indication (red, yellow and green LED for each button)
  • The device can be installed both vertically and horizontally while in use

The customer received a number of design versions. The sketches were made in 3D, which helped greatly cut the design time.

All solutions (design and structure) were tested on models that were manufactured using rapid prototyping on a 3D printer. Painting and color\texture imitation were done manually. The graphics on the buttons and the display were fully printed.

After design approval, 3D models of enclosure parts were designed, based on the manufacturing technology (injection molding), i.e. taking into account molded slopes, allowances, etc.

A set of design documents was developed, which was then used to manufacture production tools (molds for injection molding) for the industrial production of enclosure parts. A color and texture solution, as well as enclosure graphics were also developed.

The IMD technology (in-mold decorating – decorating the surface of plastic products with special film media) was used in manufacturing the front panel of the enclosure.


  • Low cost of a set of enclosure parts in batch production
  • Product’s ease of assembly
  • The design allows for three mount options: two desktop (horizontal and vertical), as well as wall mount
  • Ample opportunities for firmware customization because it is based on Linux distribution
  • Product’s extensive functionality due to the use of ready-made open-source components
  • Ample opportunities for configuring Asterisk-based VoIP. For example, IVR, complex call management rules, etc.

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