Software development for electronic devices

Promwad means professional software development for electronic devices and embedded systems. Our programmers work with open and proprietary operating systems, create software of all levels: from firmware to application software and graphical user interfaces (GUI).

We are ready to implement the following projects on custom software development:

  • Embedded software development: distrubution kits and programs for OS Linux, Android and WinCE, Board Support Packages(BSP), OS Linux and Android installations, microcontroller software (firmware) for DSP, ARM7, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, AVR, etc.
  • Mobile device applications (for smartphones and tablets) running on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Mobile development of B2B solutions and user applications B2C for Apple Store and Google Play

If you have developed hardware, we are ready to design system and application software for it. We will provide support at any stage of software development of electronic devices or embedded systems.


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