Custom Electronics Development
Starting at the idea and ending with the production launch. You get a ready-to-go-on-the-market product and tech support throughout its life cycle.
Hardware & Embedded Systems Development
Embedded systems design. Printed circuit board trace and PCB design. Modeling and analysis. JTAG boundary scan tests development.
Application & Embedded Software
Design of system and application programs for electronics, including Open Source. FPGA design, BSP. Mobile design.
Industrial Design & Enclosure Development
Design development of the device and its enclosure, including internal built and documentation. Prototyping. Sample manufacturing.
Production Launch & Support
Adaptation of design documentation. Selection of producers. Pilot-line production. Functional and in-circuit test beds.

Promwad, Innovation Company: 10 years in Electronics and IT

We offer the entire range of services in the professional electronics development field: consulting and conceptual development of the new product, design and development of the enclosure, hardware platform design, application and embedded software development, testing and quality assurance, sample manufacturing, production launch and production support using fabless technology.

Here is what you have when you work with us: a team of technical experts; efficient project management processes; a wide range of up-to-date technologies; flexibility in business relationships.

Unique, long-lasting experience of Promwad—the result of successful implementation of over 150 projects—allows us to provide outsourcing services in many industries of the electronics market: telecommunications, wireless communications, entertainment and media, industrial automation,  dashboard electronics, consumer electronic devices, etc.

We work together and partner with global manufacturers of components, leading industrial associations, and technology parks:

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