Promwad Electronic Engineering Company: Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Promwad is an independent electronics design house that creates new electronics products and develops custom software.

We realize our customers’ ideas as batch-manufactured commercial products for the global consumer electronics market – we create the concept of a future device, design a hardware platform, write a program code, design product’s enclosure, as well as launch mass production at the desired spot in the world.

Over ten years, we have implemented over 200 projects for customers from Russia, the EU, the USA and Canada. Over a million people around the world use devices developed by our engineers. Promwad’s goal is to achieve the customer’s objective in a particular market niche, so we evaluate each project in terms of business and technology – we analyze marketing prospects, inform of innovations available, select materials and electronic components, optimize cost and determine the time-to-market. Each stage of work is aligned with the customer’s objectives, budget and timing.

Our responsibility for the result is stipulated in contractual obligations. We work in compliance with standards such as ISO 9001:2008, IPC and GOST for quality control at the software and hardware development stage, modelling physical processes, as well as testing prototypes and finished batch devices on the production floor. The result is quick working samples at the first iteration and a record time-to-market.

The Promwad electronic engineering company is your single technology partner in developing and manufacturing electronics for the consumer market, telecommunications, transportation, automation, media and entertainment. 

We are ready to execute a turn-key project or undertake individual tasks for you. In any case, you can count on:

  • Respect for agreed deadlines and budgets for manufacturing a new product for your business  
  • The possibility of transferring responsibility for the project to an external team, getting a new vision from a third party and “shaking up” our own team of developers   
  • Smooth-running processes, regular feedback and timely progress reporting and approval
  • Protection of intellectual property  
  • Flexible models of cooperation tailored to your business goals and financial capacities 

Need contract electronics design? The Promwad team is open to your ideas. Please direct your inquiries and suggestions to our design center in Vilnius (Lithuania).