Industrial design and enclosure development

Industrial design at Promwad is not only enclosure design for electronic devices, but also their internal built and documentation for their subsequent mass-production as well. The experts at Promwad provide customer support at all stages of development:

  • Idea generation and conceptual work-through
  • Development of the original design and construction
  • (drafting, 3D-modeling, and visualization)
  • Selection of materials for the enclosure
  • Manufacture of prototypes and samples of the enclosure
  • Production launch

Our goal is to create an up-to-date design solution and to get everything ready for mass-production.

Beginning with drafts and preliminary design studies, we take into account all technological and pricing characteristics of the new device. Our designers work together with technicians and engineers who implement the production requirements. We take into account all aspects of the enclosure: the style and look, as well as the technical issues.

What types of issues can be entrusted to Promwad’s industrial design team?

Industrial design is development of the original design of an electronic device and its production launch

  • Conceptual design of the new product within the framework of client preferences and market trends, preparation of technical specifications for the development of the enclosure solution
  • Development of several designs in various styles
  • Teamwork of engineers, designers, and technicians ensures the optimal solution for both the form and the content of the device: we can adapt the enclosure to the size of the board if necessary, conduct thermal model testing, taking into account the temperature conditions and ventilation requirements, etc.
  • Implementation of ergonomic requirements in design and construction development: we analyze and consider the objective characteristics of potential users (anthropomorphic, biomechanical, physiological, and psychological) to optimize their interactions with the new electronic device. The outcome is a convenient, safe and functional product, which is ultimately adapted to the users’ needs
  • Use of the newest technologies for design of plastic enclosures

Selection of materials for the electronic device enclosures

Selection of the optimal materials, taking into account the design needs, the client’s preferences and the chosen price range.

Thanks to our excellent supply channels, we are ready to work with any type of materials:

  • Various types of plastics: ABS, ABS+PC, EK, PC, PE, PVC, PMMA, polyamide plastics, etc.
  • Woods – various wood species, including composite combinations, such as wood + plastic
  • Metals – production of enclosure parts from stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloys, using various technologies (stamping, molding, milling, extrusion molding)

We can also employ other materials that can be used in industrial processes, such as rubber, ceramics, glass, etc., at the request of the client


Prototyping, sample manufacturing

Prototypes and samples are an interim result of the efforts of our designers and engineers. At this stage we can check the device for assembly conformity, evaluate its look and convenience, as well as make the final decisions on the optimal materials and components.

The prototype can also be used in reverse engineering – the client would supply the prototype and we would optimize the design and develop design documentation for mass-production on its basis.

It is important to understand that some device characteristics cannot be modeled even with the most up-to-date CAD systems: tactile perception, how pleasant it is to hold the device, how quickly does the plastic get dirty, its gloss, the feel of its weight. Only a live comparison of several alternatives will allow you to make an optimal choice.

Features of the prototype service at Promwad:

  • Manufacture of prototypes that are close to the mass-produced items – they can be used at a show, for a meeting with an investor or to obtain certification
  • Help with selection of materials and manufacturers
  • Customization of design documentation to production
  • Reverse engineering on the basis of the prototype
  • Large selection of materials: various types of plastics, metal, wood, rubber, composite materials
  • Use of various prototype technologies: milling, FDM, SLS, and other types of rapid prototyping
  • Production of fully functional demo samples

As a result the client receives a functional device and complete design documentation for subsequent production.


Production Launch

The outcome of the efforts of Prowad’s industrial designers and engineers is a functional device from a pilot line, which was manufactured with production line equipment.

The goal of launching production is to create the process of enclosure manufacturing in predetermined quantities, with set deadlines, cost, and quality indicators. If the client has not chosen a production partner at this stage, we can help with a choice of the best production site in Russia or South-East Asia, which will provide the required quality and acceptable business terms.

One of the primary tasks in launching the production of the enclosure is the creation and testing of the quality of fixtures – the press mold for molding plastic and metal parts. Our goal is a functional enclosure that is entirely compliant with the developed design solution.

Available production technologies:

  • Plastic pressure molding, including co-injection molding and embedded element molding
  • Aluminum molding and composite pressure molding
  • Extrusion molding of aluminum alloys and plastics
  • Compression-molding of silicone plastics and rubber
  • Vacuum-forming of plastics
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Machine processing of metals (milling, etc.)
  • Color selection and mass-dyeing of plastics (adding the dye to the melted material)
  • Plastics varnishing and rubber soft-touch coating
  • Powder coating of metals

Why our clients order industrial design at Promwad?

Full cycle industrial design and construction development, engineering at the same company and other advantages of the service:

  • Analysis of prototypes and countertypes of the new design, enclosure development within the framework of client preferences and the latest market trends. Creation of different style drafts
  • Efficient team: designer, engineer and production technician teamwork at all stages of the project
  • Our engineers use the new generation of the CAD system CREO (formerly Pro/Engineer) — a 3D set of tools for automated design
  • We do not generate ideas for products that cannot be manufactured; our designs are always technologically sound and preliminary visualizations can always be implemented
  • Vast experience and successfully completed industrial design projects, engineering, and production launch projects
  • A variety of enclosure materials – plastics, metal, woods and composite materials
  • We use the newest design technologies of enclosure design
  • We conduct thermal model testing, taking into account the temperature conditions and ventilation requirements to ensure the safety and functionality of the new enclosure
  • Selection of the optimal production site for manufacture of prototypes and mass-production. Outsourcing of the basic technological processes allows us to chose the best contractors for each task
  • Our industrial designers control the entire process: from the creation of the concept to the final ready-to-use device


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