Promwad has 10 years of experience in electronics and engineering

Electronics development

Electronics design at Promwad is full cycle development: from creation of the concept to launch of production.  Our clients not only receive the design documents, but also a competitive product to lease and sell in the target markets.

Turnkey contract electronics development incudes:
  • Consulting (conceptual development of the product, preparation of SOW)
  • Hardware design
  • Software development
  • Design and development of the enclosure
  • Design of the application program interface
  • Manufacture of samples
  • Testing
  • Launch and support of mass-production
  • Preparation for certification
  • Technical support throughout the life-cycle of the product

Promwad develops electronics from scratch on the basis of ready-made hardware and software platforms, thus reducing expenses, client risks, and the time it takes to enter a market with a new brand-name product.

Our technical speciality is electronics design based on up-to-date microprocessors controlled by built-in operating systems such as Linux, Android, etc.

Our clients have complete information of all interim results at each stage of the development. From the first stage onward, they have access to the developmental trial models that are ready for mass-production optimization. Our design results belong to the client and are not used in other projects.

The products that we design for our clients are geared towards various sectors of the market:
  • Consumer electronics
  • Multimedia and entertainment
  • Data and telecommunications
  • Automotive electronics
  • Navigation (GPS/GLONASS)
  • Industrial automation

There is also monitoring and diagnostic equipment among other Promwad’s successful projects.



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