Onboard automobile data logger

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The development of portable automobile data logger for control and diagnostics
The development of portable automobile data logger for control and diagnostics
The development of portable black box for an automobile
The development of portable black box for an automobile
Onboard automobile data logger
Onboard automobile data logger

By order of an American vendor of automobile communication devices we developed a new ready-to-operate product — a portable automobile recorder for control and diagnostics of technical state ("black box" for an automobile). It is plugged into a standard OBD-II plug, traces a route, fixes tens of technical parameters, records negotiations of passengers in a passenger compartment and transmits all information over a wireless channel to a dispatch-coordination center. The size of the recorder: slightly more than a matchbox.

Key characteristics of the automobile recorder

  • The casing of the device is protected from unauthorized shutdown (the mechanism is blocked in a plug using a special key)
  • The device fixes different technical parameters according to the OBD-II standard:
    • rate of motion
    • engine speed rate
    • fuel content
    • brake operation
    • coolant temperature
    • air conditioning system state, etc.
  • If the automobile is in a Wi-Fi access area (IEEE-802-11b/g), data of the recorder can be transmitted remotely. The capability to store information on a USB drive is also implemented.
  • Software provides the following functions:
    • fault-tolerant firmware upgrade without data loss
    • codification of an initialization file of the recorder
  • The device can be used for finding causes and RTI causers, information collection for a hire fleet and parental control

Onboard recorder specifications

Atmel AT91SAM9RL64, ARM 9
1024 MB NAND flash
Worldwide navigation network
USB 2.0 Device
Used for debugging
Used for connection with a microchip of CAN-interface
Interface for automobile diagnostics
Operating system
OBD-protocol support
ISO9141, ISO14230, PWM, VPW
General characteristics
66,5 mm х 56 mmх 33,8 mm


Project results

In the process of developing the onboard automobile recorder Promwad experts accomplished the following tasks:

— Software development and testing
— Case design and construction development

— Production and debugging of prototypes


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